2. Solutions


Scientific Software

Combining basic methods of mathematical sciences with applied technologies from the fields such as numerical computation and computer graphics, we obtain technology of scientific problems arising in many diverse areas.

  • Device/Process Simulation
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Various LSI CAD Systems
  • Linear/Nonlinear Optimizations
  • Fluid Dynamics Software
  • Scheduling

Computer Science

Our primary interest in the area of computer science lies in UNIX workstations, personal computers, communications, super computing technologies and parallel processing.

  • Compilers
  • Parallel Processing
  • Graphics
  • Network Communications
  • Symbolic debuggers
  • Device Drivers

Internet Solutions

The world of network is ever expanding with limitless possibilities in both business and private life. We offer various technology for internet, intranet, and extranet. We not only combine the existing packages of software but also make programs of special use for various customers.

  • CGI/JAVA Programming
  • Voice Browser/Agent
  • GIS Systems
  • Internet/Intranet System integration

Social Systems

In order to get technology to real world problems, we will apply technologies such as mathematical science, statistics, social engineering, AI and database technology to the problems.

  • Traffic Simulation
  • Assignment System of TV Spots
  • Database System
  • Financial Management System
  • Statistical System/Data mining
  • Logistics